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Following Fun Contest Closed

We have a winner! I've notified the winner, and contacted them to find out what they would like the jar to be made to do - the jar's intention that is. I love making spell jars. Something about creating something pretty while making magick. It's soothing almost, to cleanse and charge the materials, to sit there with my hot glue gun and glitter and ribbons, quietly adding ingredients while visualizing what the jar is to manifest. I love making witch balls too. I don't care for the name, as I automatically think of testicles - hey there are male witches too! Witch globes would be a nicer term. Anyways, I digress.  I can't wait for my winner to reply, so I can start on her jar! I've chosen a nice big jar, and have pretty paper to wrap the box in. I got shiny silver ribbon strips to fill the box as well. I will have to hold more contests!  I think in the meantime, I will work on a prosperity jar I found in Witch Way magazine. I love that magazine! I actually wrote…