Creating Balance and Harmony in Ritual

You Must Have BalanceEver since I started learning witchcraft, just about every book I've read has emphasized the importance of balance. You must have balance for your workings to be successful. I agree with this, but as I've spent time actually doing the work, I've learned a thing or two that wasn't in books- wasn't … Continue reading Creating Balance and Harmony in Ritual

Key Magick: Accessing the Magickal Potential of Keys

Key Magick: Accessing the Magickal Potential of KeysKeys. They play such a major role in our mundane lives we tend to take them for granted, much less think about their magickal potential. Keys are so immersed in our daily lives it’s not often we stop to think about them, or how they could play a magical … Continue reading Key Magick: Accessing the Magickal Potential of Keys

Thoughtful Thursdays: Personal Pantheons

Thoughtful Thursdays Presents: Personal PantheonsMy Home Office 💞🙌Hello, my lovely readers! You may have noticed that it has been a little while since I've written, and I apologize for my absence. I have been working on creating and launching Magical Musings Freelance Writing Services. There was A LOT more to starting a business than I expected! … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays: Personal Pantheons

Thoughtful Thursdays: Devotional Practice

Thoughtful Thursday Presents: Devotional PracticeA lot of thought must go into developing a devotional practice, so I thought this would be the perfect topic for this weeks Thoughtful Thursday post. First I would like to apologize this is going up so late! I took the day off yesterday and the day before to spend time … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays: Devotional Practice