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The Wheel Is Rolling On! Preparing for Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh is all but upon us!
 I don't know about you, but I LOVE celebrating Sabbats! I feel like I did when I was 6 years old on Christmas Eve - all but trembling with anticipation and joy for presents and wearing my "holiday clothes" and seeing family. I get to spend the day focusing on things in life that matter but make me happy, things that make life worth living. I love how the air seems to change as it draws closer to a Sabbat. It's as if there's electricity in the air and the closer it gets to the day the stronger the charge. Some sources say that the Veil thins on all of the Blessed days (not just on Samhain). I believe that. I'm a medium so I can sense beings from the Other side. The Veil is the thinnest on Samhain that's for sure. The electricity I feel before every other Sabbat is nothing in comparison to how it feels in October. But that's for another day! Today I am going to tell you:  what Lughnasadh means to mewhat I'll be doing to…

Thoughtful Thursdays: Finding the Magical in the Mundane

✨✨There is magic all around, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing... you just have to be open to it. There are many realms within this world - little worlds within this world: Forests, Fields, Beaches, Backyards even. Today I will tell you how to transform a mundane walk through the woods into a Spellcrafting Stroll through a Magical Woodland. ✨✨

When you have the chance, go for a walk through the woods. When you step onto the path, you are entering a different world. Instead of a vast blue sky and all-encompassing light, the air is cool, the breeze is gentle, the Sun only meeting the ground in sparse rays of light. Continue forward, following the splashes of light - these are your guides to the perfect space in which you will perform your working. Walk slowly, so your eyes can thoroughly observe the scene. What colors do you see - shapes, shadows, take as much of it in as possible. Your goal is to immerse yourself in this world and learn how you fit into it. You are no…

It is Incredible...

◇◇◇◇ It is INCREDIBLE...the power of a woman who is not afraid to say no.No matter how many times I watch this video I get chills. Fleassy Malay has found the words, the voice, and even the facial expressions that reach into my soul and grip my core. It was when I finally claimed back that no as mine that my life started to piece together. I was a shell of a human being, merely staying alive to care for my son, but I was not living. I couldn't do what my family, my peers, everyone in my life told me I should do - and my whole life that's all I've done. I'd never said NO. I'd come up with excuses if it was something I really didn't want to do but never said no. 
You see words, they have meaning. I'd convince myself that what I was doing was the right thing because my parents/teachers/peers said it was. I thought they would only accept me, approve of me if I did what they said. But when I hit bottom and had no hands reaching down to try to help me up, I was do…

About Me

This website will take you along for the ride of my transformational journey. It is one of strength, vitality, sovereignty, and a little magick. Let me catch you up! I was in two relationships(one right after the other), where I was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused, and it broke me. My mind, my soul, my will to live. Over the past year, however, I have been reclaiming my sovereignty. I have been on a scavenger hunt for the bits of my soul that fled my body with every harsh word or painful blow. I had three different doctors try to put me on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, but I refused. I was determined to find a way to heal my mind naturally. Now, I am NOT suggesting that anyone stop taking or refuse to get on medication to help with mental disorders. That is not what this is about. I have other medical conditions that would have been affected by barbituates, so the medicinal route was not for me. My doctors all said that it would take AT LEAST 5 years for me to …

When Your Craft Hits a Wall

I had read every book I could get my hands on. I had bookmarked dozens of websites about magic, spells, Wicca, and witchcraft, and revisited them each multiple times, soaking up every bit of advice and tried all the techniques suggested. I had hit a brick wall of learning. It was time I found a mentor!
When solitaires first start their craft, most will read anything and everything they can get their hands on. Books, ebooks, magazines, websites, blogs...Everything is so new and so foreign. I came from a Christian family, so I literally mean everything. I didn't know the difference between casting or invoking, I didn't know what the Wiccan Rede was, (I actually thought it might be a god or something at first) get the picture.
I am on limited income, so I was only able to purchase at most a few books a month. I was online every day though, searching hungrily for new information, or for more details about the information, I just read about in a book. After a few months of s…

Mother Sun: Written in Honor of Litha

Mother SunBy Amanda WilsonMother Sun, shining down
You are the cure for every frown.
You are strong and regal and bright
Like Macha, with invigorating Light,
and Áine, whose simple touch can heal. 
Majestic and fiery Star
Your life is guiding from afar
On this day we honor you
and give thanks for the blessings you imbue.Today is the longest daya Liminal time when the Good Folk to come out and playI hope that I make you proudas I celebrate, dance and sing out loud.Until the time you sink down low,
I will make the most of this day you know.
Until you fall below the hill,
Only then I will be still. Although it's thirteen days away, I am getting ready to celebrate Litha. As a Witch, a Pagan, a mother, and a woman, the Summer Solstice is an important day for me. On the morning of June 21, my best friend and I will get up, put on our favorite "witchy" clothes, put braids and flowers in our hair, and head out to my backyard.  Once outside, we will play Celtic music and dance to welcome th…