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Following Fun Contest Closed

We have a winner! I've notified the winner, and contacted them to find out what they would like the jar to be made to do - the jar's intention that is. I love making spell jars. Something about creating something pretty while making magick. It's soothing almost, to cleanse and charge the materials, to sit there with my hot glue gun and glitter and ribbons, quietly adding ingredients while visualizing what the jar is to manifest. I love making witch balls too. I don't care for the name, as I automatically think of testicles - hey there are male witches too! Witch globes would be a nicer term. Anyways, I digress.  I can't wait for my winner to reply, so I can start on her jar! I've chosen a nice big jar, and have pretty paper to wrap the box in. I got shiny silver ribbon strips to fill the box as well. I will have to hold more contests!  I think in the meantime, I will work on a prosperity jar I found in Witch Way magazine. I love that magazine! I actually wrote…

Magical Musings Samhain Series: Pop Culture Magick - Samhain Style!

Hello my lovelies! Before going into our topic today - Pop Culture Magick: Samhain Style - I wanted to give you a little personal side note. I had promised 13 articles before if you do the math you'll see that unless I post multiple articles in the following days that won't be possible. I won't give you any excuses...I will be honest in why I've fallen behind on my promise. 
I suffer from CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I have worked very hard over the past couple years to break free from the crippling symptoms of that mental illness. However, there are still triggers. I will most likely have triggers for the rest of my life. I am hopeful that I will work through them but according to psychiatrists and research, it's not likely. A few weeks ago I found myself in a situation that set off a lot of triggers, and flashbacks. Since that time I have been suffering from a type of depression, I suppose is the best term. I don't feel unhappy…

Following Fun: Click Follow for a chance to win a Samhain Spell Jar

Spell Jars are great... They don't require any exhaustive, complicated conjuring. Cleanse, fill it with herbs and crystals and other tidbits charged with intent, seal it, set it somewhere safe and it continues to cast for as long as it's there!

As a token of gratitude for my lovely readers, I am going to offer a FREE Samhain Spell Jar to one person who follows me here or follows my Tumblr between now and Samhain. (Follow both and you'll get TWO entries!) On November 1st, the contest will be closed and I will use a raffle website to choose the winner. That ensures fairness. Don't worry, I won't be using one that requires email or any other contact information of the contestants. And, any contact info obtained will be so I can notify the winner and send them their jar.

So, what is a Samhain Spell jar?Samhain is the Celtic New Year. It's a day to plan for the future, to remember the past, to acknowledge the lessons learned over the past year and set goals to lear…

All About Altars - Samhain Series, Part 2

The Altar...The altar is the central hub of witchcraft. It's where you communicate with Deity, it's where you cast spells, and perform rituals. It's where you honor the cycle of the year, and where you recognize the power within. You light candles and incense, and lay out pretty cloths with colors and symbols to strengthen your magic. As a priestess for the Morrigan, the majority of my work is done at the altar of the Queen of the Witches. Naturally, the day after Mabon I cleared away leaves and symbols of fall in favor of Samhain style altar pieces. Here is a neat poster I found on Pinterest. I don't know if it's copyright protected, but just to make it clear it was on Pinterest, it is not a creation of own:

My altar has a black, lacy, altar cloth, a fun witchy light I painted myself, a pumpkin, acorns I made from clay and an acorn I found, as well as an offering bowl I made from clay using a pyrex bowl as a mold. My homemade incense has cinnamon, dried apple pee…

The Morrigan, The Seeress - Samhain Series, Part 1

Samhain Series, Part 1I don't know about you, but I love how my psychic abilities seem to go into hyperdrive this time of year. Just about every day I'll get a vision - sometimes I don't mean to, but it's still exhilarating when I'm right (of course it's bittersweet when I see an undesirable outcome for someone, I wish that I could change their fate but a persons' future is up to them). 

Halloween countdowns are all over the place, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and provide my lovely readers with a Samhain Series. In case you missed my last post, these articles will all be discussing various topics that are related to Samhain, or the time period leading up to it and directly after. The Veil takes its' time to thin, so of course it doesn't just slam shut on November 1st. One of the most popular Samhain activities is divination, because it's so easy to communicate with the Other Side. As a Morrigan Priestess Initiate, I w…

Magical Musings about Samhain, the Series

πŸ’˜πŸ’£❗πŸ‘»Psyched for Samhain😈❗πŸ’£πŸ’˜
Samhain is just weeks away, and I can hardly contain my excitement!! This is my favorite time of year and Samhain is my favorite holiday! The weather, the colors, the scents, the activities...just everything! My son and I have had fall and Halloween decorations up since the third week of September, and he's had his costume since his birthday on the 3rd. He's going to be Spiderman, and told me I am going to be a witch. He's only 3 so his idea of witches is the pointed hat wearing, broom flying, hackling cackling kind portrayed on television. Knowing he would love it, I purchased a pointed hat - it's black with sequins and I sort of love it. Trick or treating is one of many things I look forward to - don't most parents look forward to it? There is so much about this season to be excited about, and as a witch I have even more to look forward to. 

In light of the season, (and to make up for failing to post articles for you every week),  …


Who doesn't love a good ghost story? I came up with this idea because until yesterday I hadn't written a blog entry in weeks. I felt bad because essentially I ghosted my lovely readers. I promise it was not on purpose! My business, Magical Musings Writing Services has gotten off to a lovely start! I'm an art columnist for Spiral Nature Magazine, and I'm working with another client on a BIG project. As soon as I can tell you guys about it, trust me I will! I'm very excited to be working with this individual, and the project we are working on is incredible. But anyways, ghosting my blog gave me the idea to write about ghosts! So here we go!

Mabon is around the corner, and then comes Samhain. I don't know about you guys, but I can already sense the Veil starting to thin. It's like the air is charged with static electricity. In light of this transition period, I thought I'd tell you about Spirits today! I'll share my personal ghost stories, which range f…

Blessed Mabon!

⟿Blessed Mabon My Lovely Readers!⬳I'm super sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything! I've been super busy with Magical Musings Writing Services! I am so thankful my new business is going well, but I need to work out my schedule so I have time to write for my beloved blog too! Today is Mabon, so what better night to make this plan!  ⟿All About Balance on Witch's Thanksgiving⬳Mabon is often called the Witch's Thanksgiving, because we celebrate and give thanks for what we have. That doesn't necessarily mean materialistic things - even though I think we should appreciate what we have in that regard - but what we have accomplished as far as lessons learned, spiritual break throughs, and discovering what we must learn in the days to come. I will be giving thanks for healthy and happy son, my home, my furniture, my electronics (especially my computer), and more importantly, I will be giving thanks for the growth I've achieved spiritually over the pas…

The Rise of Fall: Sensing the Seasons Shifting

Fall is my favorite season, and it's coming soon! Within a couple weeks if I had to guess. I can smell it in the air, I can see it in the sky. Sure, the calendar says that Autumn doesn't start until the end of September, but the calendar can't control the seasons. The weather is a wild thing - it reminds me of a rebellious 17-year-old girl. She is so close to adulthood she thinks she knows everything, and so she does whatever the hell she wants. The calendar says we have another three weeks of summer, but I think Autumn started taking over ever since that full moon looked like a pumpkin in the sky. Is it odd that I have a better gauge of seasons by characteristics of the night? In the summer time, the air is warm and even stale at times. The crickets chirp lazily, and the frogs sing in chorus. The moon is brilliant white or red, and the wind at night often carries with it the smell of rain, as humid summer days brings a lot of rain. Ever since the last full moon the world …

Creating Balance and Harmony in Ritual

You Must Have BalanceEver since I started learning witchcraft, just about every book I've read has emphasized the importance of balance. You must have balance for your workings to be successful. I agree with this, but as I've spent time actually doing the work, I've learned a thing or two that wasn't in books- wasn't in articles online.

This push for balance comes from the Hermetic Principles, which are outlined in The Kybalion. The Fourth Principle, the Principle of Polarity, states: 
Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its' pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled. 
Wiccans have drawn many of their ways from this little book. When they applied this Principle, they also apply it to the Deities. You must invoke the God and the Goddess, you must have a Matron and Patron deity. This implies that the G…